StyleTrail is an online marketplace that helps beauty establishment owners monetize their available space and provides professional work environments to barbers, hair stylists, and all other beauty professionals.

STEP ONE: CREATE PROFILE DETAILS Login or create a new account and complete your beauty profile details. Please have your current license or certification information available for processing when creating your profile. STEP TWO: LIST, HIRE, OR FIND Create at least one beauty listing an be eligible to send work requests to your desired beauty pro. Beauty pros can also find a beauty listing to rent. STEP THREE: REQUEST BOOKING Select the available dates for the listing that you would like to rent, or submit a request for beauty professionals to rent your available beauty space. The user will receive a notification to approve or deny the work request.

Our mission is to help beauty salon and barbershop owners increase their revenue by connecting them with licensed beauty professionals. Thus, helping to keep your business open and growing! It’s a win/win for both parties involved. We are happy that you found each other by using StyleTrail and want to make it long-term. We only ask that you notify us if/when you decide to offer an empty work space rental contract to the visiting beauty pro. Just email us at: info@styletrail.co

Our referral program allows for StyleTrail users to earn a $20 credit once a StyleTrail user (hair stylist, barber, nail tech and all other beauty professionals) completes a booking.

StyleTrail offers beauty professionals schedule flexibility to fit your lifestyle Beauty professionals don’t have to commit to a long-term contract Beauty professionals have the opportunity to travel around the world Increased service offerings for salons and barbershops Option to select your ideal work environment

Any licensed cosmetologist or barber can rent an empty work space through StyleTrail. If you are a licensed barber, esthetician, nail tech, hair stylist, makeup artist or massage therapist. You can rent temporary salon, spa, and barbershop spaces with StyleTrail!

Yes, if you have a current cosmetology or barber license. You can work in another state temporarily if traveling for a specific reason. While traveling, you must carry a copy of your current professional license with you. Sanitation and liability requirements still apply.

You can locate their hours of operation when you select the beauty listing detail page.

Yes, most of our beauty establishments provide towel service and access to the backbar (shampoo/conditioner only). If you have additional questions about products or services, you can contact your beauty space owner once your reservation has been accepted.

After your reservation has been accepted, you will have the ability to chat with your host directly from the “messages” tab on the profile screen. Make sure to have your notifications enabled so you don’t miss any messages.

Yes for the listing, but no for same day registration. In order for our hosts to be better prepared for your (beauty professionals) visit, we require at least a 24 hour notice. As a visiting beauty professional, you are responsible for handling the payments of your customers. Most visiting beauty pros use 1stPayMobile or Square (or an alternative) for processing clients’ debit or credit cards.

If you made a StyleTrail reservation and have not received acceptance of your booking within 24 to 48 hours, please contact us at: info@styletrail.co and we will work to confirm your booking immediately.

You can modify your reservation any time prior to being accepted by the beauty owner. Once the beauty space owner has accepted your reservation, the reservation begins and can not be modified.

When you make a reservation with the StyleTrail, we request your credit card information. However, your credit card is not charged until the beauty space owner accepts your reservation (usually within 24 hours).

Unfortunately, no. In order to rent a StyleTrail work space, you must have a current cosmetology or barber license.

First, it will increase their revenue. Second, the increase will be due to StyleTrail easing the stressful process of hiring licensed beauty professionals to occupy their empty work spaces.

Any licensed beauty establishment owner can list their empty work space on StyleTrail.

You can list your empty work space in a few quick and easy steps! First, to list your salon, spa, or barbershop space on the StyleTrail app, you must complete the ‘List space’ form. You must include your business name, business license, address, and number of available beauty space(s). Once submitted, a member of our intake team will make your listing live within 24 to 48 hours.

No, you can set your own daily rates for your beauty business! You can view available salons and barbershops in your city via our website to get an idea for daily rates in your area. You can set your daily rate during the listing process.

Once a booking request for your salon, spa, or barbershop has been made, the StyleTrail app will send a notification under the “notifications” tab of the profile page. The user will also be notified via email and text message. When you receive the notification, open the StyleTrail website, go to “Bookings” to review the booking request, and then tap either “accept” or “decline”.

Don’t take it personal, it could mean a few things. It could be that the beauty pro is overbooked and unavailable to work at your establishment for the time you requested.

When you receive a booking request, you’ll be able to review the beauty pros photo, StyleTrail rating, trade specialty, years of experience, and a personal introduction.

No. At this time, only one mobile number can be associated with a single host account.

StyleTrail has a similar business model to a staffing agency without the background checks. However, we do urge our users to due diligence on the beauty listing or licensed beauty professional that interests them. Once a booking request has been made, StyleTrail connects the beauty professional to the beauty space owner to discuss specifics. At that time, each individual is free to go through any additional vetting and/or background checks.

StyleTrail hosts are paid electronically through Stripe.

Yes! Just send the referral link to your beauty professional friends so they can book with us. There is no limit to the number of friends that you can invite.

Yes, you can refer anyone – even if they've booked with us before! For your referred friend’s booking to be eligible for the reward, they have to use the referral link to book their beauty space. If a friend makes more than one booking using a referral link (with yours or anyone else’s), they'll only be rewarded once. No rewards will be issued for other bookings.

All you need is a StyleTrail account. The email address in your account should match the one you used to book. After your friend completes a booking, we’ll credit the $20 to your account. Don’t have an account yet? You can go to https://www.styletrail.co

You can sign in to your account and the StyleTrail credit will show up on the checkout page.

Yes, the reward can be redeemed for a future booking. The reward is only put on your account after your friend books and completes their stay.

If your friend cancels the booking, neither you nor your friend will receive the reward. However, if your friend makes a new booking with your link, you'll both still be eligible for the reward.

The link doesn't expire and it can be used anytime. However, StyleTrail has the right to cancel the program anytime.

All credits are paid directly to the account. Your StyleTrail account is the place where all credits get automatically stored and where you and your friend will be able to see how much credit you've earned.