April 23, 2019

How Often Should You Visit Your Hair Salon?

The frequency in which you visit a hair salon depends on many factors. Different hairstyles, hair types and demands will determine when you need to stop by and get your hair looking fresh and new again. Your hair is exposed to heat and the elements on a daily basis, meaning that damage of some sort is unavoidable. No one wants dull, damaged hair when it could be easily remedied with an appointment at your local hair salon. Which is why we’re here! We’ll tell you just how often you need to visit your hair stylist to keep your hair in perfect condition. Regular Upkeep As stated before, regular hair maintenance is necessary for healthy locks, but the rate at which you should step into a hair salon depends on your hair. Some natural styles and various types of hair require more frequent visits than others, and we’re here to break it down for you. Colour Preservation For hair that’s been colour treated, you’ll need to visit a salon more frequently to keep your colour looking bright. If you have a few grays popping up or need your roots redone to match the rest of your hair colour, then a recurring visit every four weeks is usually suggested. However, depending on the effect you’re going for, your hair colour and your lifestyle, this can be stretched out to five or six weeks between colour treatments. If you have high contrast highlights throughout, then you only need to have them redone every three or four months. Ultimately, the colour of your hair will determine the frequency in which you need to visit your hair stylist.

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