We believe that beauty shops and barbershops are at the center of the inner city community. They provide a safe space for people to come together to discuss world events, build confidence, personal relationships, and feel good about themselves. For some, these safe spaces are the first place they experience a professional work environment. This industry employs over a million beauty professionals and Style Trail is determined to help those businesses stay fully staffed with great people.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Eric Warner, the CEO and founder of StyleTrail, which is an online marketplace that helps beauty establishment owners profit from their vacant work stations and provide access to available work spaces nationally/globally for beauty professionals. I have over 10 years of experience as a UX/UI designer, front-end developer and creative consultant. Previously, I launched a trivia mobile app called “Rebond,” that earned me a Baltimore Innovation Award nomination for “Technologist of the Year”. I created StyleTrail due to an ongoing problem I saw in my neighborhood and through research found this problem occurred beyond my area. I noticed a “help wanted” sign in front of my barbers’ window and after I returned a few weeks later, saw the sign was still there. As a natural problem solver, I was determined to resolve this need and find a better way to help fill the empty workstations and increase their revenue and productivity. I believe hair salons and barbershops are the heart of the community. They offer a safe space to unify and talk about anything. Either way, you leave feeling better about yourself.